Digital Marketing Specialist
and Business Assistant
Julia Fontani
Julia Fontani
Digital Marketing Specialist and Business Assistant
Hello, My name is Julia.

Once upon a time I decided to move to United Arab Emirates t Sunny Dubai. This is the place of future and great opportunities, where my international career started. I am certified specialist in Digital Marketing.

I will be more then happy to become your business assistant and help your business to grow and attract more customers.
Completed courses of SMM specialist and business assistant with Internet marketing skills.

Therefore, with using analysis of the target audience and competitors, a competent strategy in social networks and high-quality content, I will help improve the promotion of your product and attract new customers.
I am making up promotional pages and presentations, creating sales funnels and writing unique text with the benefit of the target audience.
Work experience
I have a touristic education and experience
in the field of tourism, sales and marketing
for more than 10 years.

In the Emirates, I gained international business experience working in the most luxurious hotel in the world,
7 ★★★ hotel - Burj Al Arab.

Thanks to this experience. I am able to negotiate and solve any working issues and quickly switch between tasks. I am able to work in a team and coordinate its work, as well as conduct business correspondence.

I always follow new products and trends.
About me
I am a creative person, which means I can help your business find original solutions.

I like to work with projects that intersect with my interests: tourism and hotel business, beauty salons and programs for a healthy lifestyle, sports.

I constantly study current trends in the advertising business, develop my knowledge, attend trainings and master classes.
Promotion of your business
on the Internet
Compose a content plan, develop headings and a schedule of posts with selling texts and photos.

I will design posts in a single unique style and color scheme.

I'll analyze competitors, FB and Instagram pages and will target audience .
Social networks
I will create pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Fill them with the appropriate content.

I will create a promotion strategy.
Landing Page
I'll make a website, landing page for your business.

I will develop a design, structure and lay out a landing page according to wishes or will offer my ideas.

I will pick up original fonts, high-quality images, write sales texts.
Presentation in Canva or Power Point for a speech, webinar, business proposal, and progress report.

I use legal images and clear info-graphics.
Sales funnel
I will analyze the goods and services of the brand.

I will form a complete line of products, options for lead magnets, trap goods, key offers and possible multipliers.
I'll develop an original design in the Canva program for your posts and articles on social networks.

I will create a design for printing: business cards, brochures, menus for restaurants, price lists, etc.
Work structure
I follow the agreed deadlines.

I regularly get in touch on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Email.

I reply to letters within 1-2 hours on weekdays and Sunday from 9-00 to 17-00 (by Cairo).

Friday and Saturday - days off.
I know 3 languages: russian (native), Ukrainian (native), English (fluent), that is why can translate and adapt text.
I write and check texts through the Textprograms: Languagetool and Typographer, which means that the text will be correctly formatted.
My works
Landing Page
OBJECTIVE: Create a landing page for Tour Guide in Egypt, using thematic photographs and an appropriate colors, write a selling text.

SOLUTION: Used relevant colors for screens and unique illustrations are selected, according to which the user will be able to visualize the upcoming trips.
Landing Page
OBJECTIVE: Create a landing page for an author's tour to Egypt, using thematic photographs and an appropriate color scheme, write a selling text.

SOLUTION: Used relevant colors for screens and unique illustrations are selected, according to which the user will be able to visualize the upcoming event.
OBJECTIVE: Create a presentation of a tourism project as a commercial offer.

SOLUTION: The presentation was made in Canva.
The colors match the corporate identity of the company. The informational goal of the presentation has been achieved.
Post Schedule
and content plan
OBJECTIVE: To develop a content plan of posts for Larisa Miloslavskaya's meditation school for 2 weeks and a schedule of posts for 1 week for posting on Instagram. Desirable subjects of posts-selling and informational. Desirable design illustrations in beige colors.

SOLUTION: The content plan presents 5 ideas for posts for two weeks: sales, information, entertainment, educational and involving. Days of the week for each direction selected
in accordance with the type of activity of the target audience. For posts in graphics, illustrations in one color scheme are selected.
OBJECTIVE: To develop a content plan for monthly posts for La Vanda beauty studio and a 1 month post schedule for posting on Instagram and Facebook pages. Desirable subjects of posts-selling
and educational. Desirable design illustrations in lilac colors.

SOLUTION: For posts in graphics, illustrations are selected in lilac-pink colors with a different design for educational posts and photos of works for daily posting.
Menu for restaurant
OBJECTIVE: Design a menu for a Japanese restaurant. Create a logo, choose colors that are rarely used by competitors.

SOLUTION: For restaurant logo was chosen sushi and smiling lady Chief icons. A deep blue color was chosen for the background, which is rarely used by Japanese restaurants, but is associated with the sea and seafood.
Line of products
and sales funnel
OBJECTIVE: To develop a line of basic marketing products (lead magnet, trap goods, key offer) for a business. To compose the offer, determine the target audience and its problems, offer recommendations on product promotion channels.

SOLUTION: A tourism product is presented as a business. Suggested 3 core marketing product. The characteristics and main problems of customers described. There are several channels for promoting each product that form a sales funnel.
"My name is Larisa Miloslavskaya, I am a meditation instructor, the founder of the author's online School of Meditation, an entrepreneur.

My difficulty was that there was not enough time to write posts and create stories for my Instagram page on a regular basis.

Julia prepared for me a 2-week content plan that I liked and turned out to be very professional. Thank you very much for your new look and fresh ideas for the content! "

Larisa Miloslavskaya
owner of Meditation School
"I found Julia in the Facebook group on the recommendation. I was needed help managing the social networks of my beauty studio. Julia prepared for me a content plan and examples of photos for publications. I really liked it and we started our cooperation. Now my social networks are filled with useful information for clients and with beautiful photos."

Yulia Sokirkina
founder of beauty studio
La Vanda
"Julia made a landing page for our the New Year's project. I really liked the web-site. Chic landing! Very gentle and feminine, as desired. High-quality content. Very beautiful photos.
I really liked the work."

Ganna Gaber
Please text me to discuss details of your order or test task.

e-mail: fontanii@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +20 155 834 04 11
Telegram: +38 050 953 80 10
Instagram: @julia_fontani
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